Smart SaleS®
SmartSaleS® is a digital business tool to help companies manage and optimize sales activities.   
It has a centralized management of data files and log data on a cloud server that allows companies to view and analysis sales history, as well as to understand the needs of their customers.

Three key features that make SmartSaleS® stands out:

  • Information display.
    SmartSaleS® utilises cloud storage to deliver the most up-to-date information to every salesperson at the same time. SmartSaleS® also has an in-built viewer that supports many file formats including PDF, JPEG and PowerPoint.
  • Understanding customers’ needs.
    Using surveys and browsing behaviours, SmartSaleS® can easily aggregate data to better understand customers’ needs.
  • Data analysis.Equipped with powerful analytic tools,
    SmartSaleS® can help companies to develop more effectively sales strategies.

If you’d like to know more about SmartSaleS®, email us at or contact any of our offices nearest to you.

*This service is provided by Hakuhodo DY holdings and Hakuhodo i-Studio in Japan. It is allowed to be provided by i-dac outside of Japan.

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