AudienceOne® is a proprietary data management platform (DMP) from DAC Group which analyses audience intelligence and build specific audience segments for targeted marketing campaigns.

Key features of AudienceOne®:

  • Visualisation of demographic information
    Visualise clustered audience data by age, sex, residence and work location. Targeting delivery based on audience data is also available.
  • User analysis based on keywords
    Visualise flowing words into sites and visitors' search activities in the other sites, as well as lifestyles and preferences of visitors.
  • Collaboration with ad serving solutions
    Collaborating with ad serving solutions including MarketOne®, ad network impAct, i-Effect, DSP and others, it is possible to serve ads using the audience data created by AudienceOne®.

If you’d like to know more about AudienceOne®, email us at or contact any of our offices nearest to you.


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